I have been playing with computers since the beginning of the '80s. After spending some years with 8-bit processor assembly programming (such as Zilog Z80), I specialized in the '90s in C, C++ and Intel x86 assembly on Windows. During the Internet years, I participated in startups and released some open source software, including a multi-platform XML parser written in C++. At this time, I discover software pirates (one of my software was highly pirated), the world of buffer overflows, SQL injections and scams. 

In 2002, I switched to applications security and forensics and co-founded ADVTOOLS in Geneva, Switzerland. Since June 2014, I work as a senior security engineer for Swiss companies near Lausanne. I am still involved in development projects, such as mobile solutions written in Swift, Objective-C, C++ and Java, and multi-platform desktop applications.

To download a complete curriculum vitae, click here: curriculum vitae (PDF). You can also find more up to date information on LinkedIn.

Want to play with one of my first program? It is a game called FACTORY (original name was USINE, in French) and I write it in 1984 with a mix of BASIC and Z80 assembly language for the Sinclair ZX81 computer. I have created an emulator that runs in navigators (pure HTML5/Javascript application). It is written is Typescript and its sources are available on GitHub.


Q - Move left character Up

A - Move left character Down

P - Move right character Up

L - Move right character Down

J - Abandon